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Dragon Age Garahel by Fernando-A Dragon Age Garahel :iconfernando-a:Fernando-A 2 0 Fate has come to judge you by Fernando-A Fate has come to judge you :iconfernando-a:Fernando-A 2 0 The Wings of Vengeance by Fernando-A The Wings of Vengeance :iconfernando-a:Fernando-A 5 0 Warbler by Fernando-A Warbler :iconfernando-a:Fernando-A 6 3 BatmanKoff by Fernando-A BatmanKoff :iconfernando-a:Fernando-A 5 0 Star Wars The Long Road by Fernando-A Star Wars The Long Road :iconfernando-a:Fernando-A 10 0 Arc Trooper Venus by Fernando-A Arc Trooper Venus :iconfernando-a:Fernando-A 26 4 Starwars:Fallout CrossOver by Fernando-A Starwars:Fallout CrossOver :iconfernando-a:Fernando-A 24 7 Commander Cody (ST) by Fernando-A Commander Cody (ST) :iconfernando-a:Fernando-A 9 0 Arc Heavy Gunner and Captain Fordo Black/White by Fernando-A Arc Heavy Gunner and Captain Fordo Black/White :iconfernando-a:Fernando-A 39 7 Clone Trooper Squawk by Fernando-A Clone Trooper Squawk :iconfernando-a:Fernando-A 15 0 Commander Wolffe by Fernando-A Commander Wolffe :iconfernando-a:Fernando-A 3 0 Midwestern Brotherhood of Steel by Fernando-A Midwestern Brotherhood of Steel :iconfernando-a:Fernando-A 18 1 NCR Ranger by Fernando-A NCR Ranger :iconfernando-a:Fernando-A 6 3 Fallout Vault 16 Protagonist by Fernando-A Fallout Vault 16 Protagonist :iconfernando-a:Fernando-A 1 0 Fallout FanArt by Fernando-A Fallout FanArt :iconfernando-a:Fernando-A 1 0


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Dragon Age Garahel
Started with a squares and trapezoids and all that than I added detail with pencil than I watercolored it with finally inking in details and the lines around it. 

The paper is Coldpress watercolor paper Artmate 6" x 8"
Watercolors are Mungyo Gallery watercolors

Traditional art
The Wings of Vengeance
I did this out of respect for Kizerilla and his amazing artwork I loved this crossover it was phenomenal to do I hope each and everyone of you loves it just as much I do 
Sorry I haven't been posting I've been busy doing commissions for friends I'll be posting soon
I'll be starting the first pages of the first mini chapter of Warbler soon. Also I'ma be posting the request's that I've been asked to draw from a comic group
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Hello there my name is Fernando Ariel Aguerre and I always loved to draw. We all know that must of us since we were kids drew and scribbled and loved letting their imagination run wild. I used to love dragon ball z I think I was seven years old when I bought tracing paper and begin to draw Goku SSJ I started tracing the exact same image for about 5 months til I finally began to draw it on my own and that's when I fell in love with drawing. I practiced every day drawing new and different things either be characters, places or things I just loved to draw.Every Valentine day I would make handmade cards with a different character be it Disney, cartoon network,nickelodeon etc and give it to the girls of my school cause I thought "Everyone deserves to be happy on Valentines Day". I shit you not I was just that kind of person.

I kept on drawing getting better on my own til I hit 7th grade and just stopped drawing altogether. Friends, Parties,sports, get together's, relationships they all contributed to just forgetting about art and focusing on life. I was an utter fool to just stop drawing but I did and I picked back up 5 years later to find out I was out of practice and out of patience so I drew a bit more and stopped drawing again this time for another year. That year was 2014 and that's when I began officially drawing again and that year was special to me because that was the same year I found the love of my life on my way to college. She was the one that made me think if I had chosen the right career path.

At the time I was majoring in Tourism and I stayed in tourism for a full year when I fully realized tourism wasn't for me. I was in between 2nd to 3rd year when I decided in 2016 to just drop it and go on to study Visual Arts in another university. I proposed to myself to re learn everything from scratch and I downloaded a bunch of art book's on how to draw ranging from hair,face, the human anatomy and so on and so forth. Than I downloaded books about how to draw comic's and I got good at it. I began in June in 2016 always drawing something be it from any genre to Now which is December the 5th and I've noticed a real growth in my art since I've started to now. I'm happy with my life and I'm glad I get the chance to share my Art with people from around the world like Deviant Art. My inspirations came from Naughty Dog entertainment, Dc comic's, George Lucas films, Jake Parker, Will Terry, Jim Lee, Insomniac's games ratchet and clank, The fallout series and a new one that just swooped down and stole my attention is Rick and Morty I have a bunch more.

I have two project's/future products I have in mind of doing one is A comic book called Warbler that I've already done the story about three days ago and the other is a children's book that I've came up the concept called Into the Abyss about a month of go. I hope you guys love it cause I'm having fun drawing and enjoying my art I hope you do too as time goes on they won't all be in black and white they'll be in colors once I master painting in Photoshop and once I get a lot more art utilities. Also I am a Traditional Artist I draw things on paper than go and scan them I use my wacom draw tablet to just color once I learn to color lol


Fernando-A's Profile Picture
Fernando Aguerre
Going to Study Visual Arts in UnCuyo

A little bit about me I had another account on Deviant but it wasn't very Professional so I made this account to show off what I learned as I read Andrew Loomis and Norling

I love a wide range of shows, comics and artwork

Also follow me on INSTAGRAM JailedBird



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Bienvenido al DA.
Siempre me agrada encontrar otros aficcionados de Star Wars.
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Muchas Gracias aunque ya tenia otro perfil aca pero este es mi perfil profesional 
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Ja, pues llego bien tarde, entonces!
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Thank You if I need any help I'll be sure to ask thanks for the warm welcome
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You are welcome! :hug:
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